I’m a New York-based designer. The following has been listed, among others, on this CV spreadsheet of past, present, and upcoming work. Updates are posted through Instagram, and I welcome messages through email (mindy seu at gmail dot com). You can also see some collections and musings on Are.na. For a professional bio written in the third person, refer to the blurb at the top of the spreadsheet. Otherwise, continue reading for the latest collaborations...

Cyberfeminism Index... Cyberfeminism Index (book) is now available! I’m currently on the 2022–23 international book tour—to view upcoming events or documentation, please visit: tour.cyberfeminismindex.com. We’ve held sold-out events at the New Museum (New York), Whitechapel Gallery (London), and Lafayette Anticipations (Paris), among many others. The book was published by Inventory Press, distributed by D.A.P, designed by Laura Coombs, and edited by Andrew Scheinman and Eugenia Bell, with image permissions by Danielle Wu. It is a recipient of the Graham Foundation Grant. The Cyberfeminism Index (website) was commissioned by Rhizome and premiered with New Museum’s First Look. During a Summer 2022 residency at MacDowell, I worked on the performative reading with bespoke AR app by Tommy Martinez. This research began during my time at the Berkman Klein Center for the Internet & Society and Harvard GSD. An excerpt can be seen in the sixth issue of AIGA Eye on Design, edited by Meg Miller. Thank you to my collaborator Angeline Meitzler who developed the online database, with frontend support from Janine Rosen and a little PDF script by Cab Broskoski. You can read more about Cyberfeminism Index in this Walker Art Center interview by Marie Hoejlund.

Curating... I’m currently co-curating three exhibitions with the Ford Foundation alongside Roxana Fabius, Susana Vargas Cervantes, Kobe Ko, Beya Othmani, and Isis Awad. WETWARE launched on Feral File in May 2022. It was then featured on Friends with Benefits in a conversation with Lindsay Howard, as well as HOLO. Special thanks to Eileen Skyers and Casey Reas for their support with this exhibition. In 2020, Roxana Fabius, Patricia M. Hernandez, and I co-curated the Scalability Project: Cacophony of Troubled Stories, the next on- and off-line exhibition for A.I.R. Gallery, designed by Wkshps. This project helped me recognize my love for the interview, and we were honored to speak with Anna L. Tsing about Feral Atlas and adrienne maree brown about Emergent Strategy.

Writing... I’m currently working on an essay for Document Journal, to be published in Fall 2023. I recently published “The Metaverse is a Contested Territory” for Pioneer Works, Software for Artists #2: Untethering the Web in August 2022, invited and edited by Tommy Martinez and Willa Koerner. Laura Coombs, Laurel Schwulst, and I recently published “Multidimensional Citation” for Serving Library: Meander, edited by David Reinfurt and Meg Miller. I’ve been thinking about gathering in its material and social forms, and to consolidate my thoughts, I wrote “On Gathering” for the Knight Foundation, through an invitation by Salome Asega. My latest Yale MFA class, also called On Gathering, explores this topic as well. For a new publication by Geoff Han for Source Type and Tai Kwun Contemporary, I wrote the essay “The Internet Exists on Planet Earth: Earth, Water, Sky,” edited by Andrew Scheinman and Ming Lin.

Commissions... We recently launched the redesign of Rhizome with Laura Coombs. I’m consulting on the newest publication of The Digital Now by Canadian Centre for Architecture with Rafico Ruiz and Ally Pereira-Edwards. With Yasaman Sheri, Angela Dimayuga, and other collaborators, we created the Synthetic Ecologies Compendium for Serpentine Gallery. Invited by Prem Krisnamurthy and Asad Raza for the “How Can We Gather Now?” 2023 symposium, I worked with Shiraz Gallab, Ayana Zaire Cotton, Fabiola Ching, and Mayah Lovell to act as Keynote Listeners. In February 2020, Cab Broskoski, Ekene Ijeoma, and I created print.are.na, a tool that generates print-on-demand PDFs from Are.na channels. To learn more about my latest projects, please check out the “Work” tab of my CV spreadsheet or view this April 2021 recorded lecture from Central Saint Martins.

Teaching... In Spring Quarter 2023, I was a Visiting Professor at UCLA’s Design Media Arts program. I’m an Assistant Professor at Rutgers, and I teach an additional course at Yale. I particularly like the quick format of workshops. Laura and I held an asterisk workshop for Southland Institute, with facilitation from Joe Potts and programming support from Richard Caceres. With Jon Gacnik and Jürg Lehni, I co-led the workshop Local Area Network at A-B-Z-TXT in 2018. Jon and I also co-led the Anti-Anti-Aliasing workshop at the RISD Graphic Design Department. All of my classes and workshops can be seen on my teaching portal.

Press... Check out some recent features on my work in Brooklyn Rail by Jenny Wu, Dazed by Liara Roux, PIN-UP edited by Emmanuel Olunkwa, Pioneer Works’s Broadcast by Salome Asega, and High Snobiety by Fiona Duncan and Esra Padgett, as well as Fast Company by Jarrett Fuller, and Frieze by Lisa Yin Zhang. For more, check out the “Press” tab in my CV spreadsheet.

This website was last updated on 25 June 2023. View the previous update from 20 February 2023. In the meta-title, you’ll see that this website is in progress... I tweak it every so often, but the past several versions have used Prof. Dr. style for easy maintenance. Everything written by me on this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. You don’t need to ask permission to use it, but please give credit!