The following has been listed, among others, on this CV spreadsheet of past, present, and upcoming work. Occasional updates are posted through twitter, but I actively use email (mindy seu at gmail dot com) and For a professional bio written in the third person, refer to the blurb at the top of the spreadsheet. Otherwise, continue reading for the latest collaborations...

I’m a New York-based designer. For the past year, I’ve been creating the Cyberfeminism Index. This research began during my time at the Berkman Klein Center for the Internet & Society and Harvard GSD. It currently takes the form of a massive spreadsheet, draft catalog, performative readings (Radical Networks, RISD Architecture, New Museum), and more straightforward talks (Barbican). An excerpt of this can be seen in the sixth issue of AIGA Eye on Design, edited by Meg Miller and Andrew Scheinman. Thanks to my collaborator Angeline Meitzler, it will soon be an online database, expected July 2020. Laura Coombs is designing a custom cut of Arial symbols for this project.

I’m also working on the online archive of the Whole Earth Catalog with Sam Hart. We worked together before during the Summer of 2018 to co-organize the Arts Track of the inaugural Decentralized Web Summit during my fellowship at the Internet Archive. As we were thinking about contemporary uses of peer-to-peer distribution, we considered other decentralized proto-internets. An extension of this can be seen in a 2018 talk for Parsons Communication Design lecture series “Pedagogy of Design in the Age of Computation”. This is being adapted for a paper called “Artist as Networker: Catalogs, Correspondance, Netlinks” for the third issue of Amalgam Magazine by Pouya Ahmadi. These iniatives paired with my residency at the Distributed Web of Care organized by Taeyoon Choi.

On January 1, 2020, Laura Coombs, Laurel Schwulst, and I (Mindy Seu) announced our consultancy CSS. The name is fitting, since we have all taught interactive design courses. On March 1, 2020, we adopted the cascading Unicode character We’re currently thinking about citations as gifts.

Some miscellaneous items: Earlier this year, Cab Broskoski, Ekene Ijeoma, and I created, a tool that generates print-on-demand PDFs from channels. For a new publication by Geoff Han for Source Type and Tai Kwun Contemporary, I wrote the essay “The Internet Exists on Planet Earth: Earth, Water, Sky”, edited by Andrew Scheinman and Ming Lin. This was motivated by my experience at RightsCon Tunisia; I was later asked to be a committee co-chair for RightsCon Costa Rica with Juliana Castro. Roxana Fabius, Patricia Hernandez, and I are currently co-curating the next on- and off-line exhibition for A.I.R., a Brooklyn-based gallery for women artists that was founded in 1972. I’ve also been thinking about glyphs as unifiers (#), as additions (*), as spaces (...). These thoughts will come together as a talk for Typographics at Cooper Union. It’s postponed now, but I’ll see you Zoom...

I’m an Assistant Professor at Rutgers, and I teach an additional course at Yale. I particularly like the quick format of workshops. With Jon Gacnik and Jürg Lehni, I co-led the workshop Local Area Network at A-B-Z-TXT in 2018. Jon and I also co-led the Anti-Anti-Aliasing workshop at the RISD Graphic Design Department. All of my classes and workshops can be seen on my teaching portal. I’ve also collected residencies, fellowships, and short-term education in this list of schools and resources.

This website was last updated on May 28, 2020. In the meta-title, you’ll see that this website is in progress... I tweak it every six months or so, but the past several versions have used Prof. Dr. style for easy maintenance. You can catch previous versions on the Wayback Machine. Everything written by me on this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. You don’t need to ask permission to use it, but please give credit!

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